Karin Matthews, JD, MA, LMFT

Certified EFT Therapist

About Karin

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” I believe that the diversity of my life experience helps me support my clients more effectively. I have lived and worked in many different environments. I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada when I was an infant. Before earning my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, I completed an undergraduate degree in International Relations and English Literature and a combined law degree and master’s degree focused on international law. I have lived in Singapore, Taipei, Beijing, Bangkok and Maastricht (Netherlands). I have worked in the fields of law, international relations, business, technology, marketing, real estate sales and education.

Having lived through my own experiences of pain and healing, I have easier access to deeper levels of empathy and compassion for my clients as they face their own challenges. I know the discomfort of being in the unknown during life transitions. I know the heartbreak of separation and divorce. I know the intensity of grief over the sudden death of a loved one. I know how challenging the adjustment to motherhood can be. I feel deeply honored to be able to support my clients as they heal and grow.

My Therapeutic Approach

In today’s world, life is lived at a more intense pace. The demands to perform better, harder and faster can be overwhelming. It is more and more common to feel increasing anxiety or fear that we just can’t meet the demands around us. Sometimes, an unexpected life crisis (death of a loved one, break ups, job loss, health problems, etc.), throws us off balance. Often, we find ways to cope with the fear or discomfort in unhealthy ways (eating, drinking, partying, over-working, etc.). Sometimes, the coping mechanisms stop working and we find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Therapy can help provide a break from the craziness by offering a confidential space for clients to be able to reconnect with who they are and how they want to live.

I believe body, mind and soul are connected, and when one part of you suffers, all areas in your life are affected. A common way of dealing with stress is to suppress our feelings. This is can be an effective coping mechanism to get through a crisis but there are long term consequences for trying to ignore the feelings we are suppressing. I believe that although we may, over time, lose conscious access to those feelings, they continue to have an impact. This can include decreased emotional and physical functioning which can lead to mental or physical illness.

I believe that our family and culture of origin has a major influence on our lives. Beliefs adopted when we were young may have been useful at that time but can be problematic when the circumstances have changed. I help clients explore their past in order to make new and healthier choices in the present. By understanding the beliefs that are consciously and sub-consciously influencing their decisions, clients are empowered to start making different choices.

Therapy is a journey. It is a process of healing the soul. As a therapist, I am a co-explorer with my clients as they move towards healthier living and healthier relationships. Change can be scary. It often takes courage to move towards living a fuller and more loving life. Although I cannot walk the path for my clients, I can walk along with them. I can be a deep and compassionate listener and, when needed, a guide for their healing process.

Client Testimonials

“Karin is a kind and enthusiastic therapist. What strikes me most is her ability to pick up on issues from small details or a seemingly irrelevant story. She helped me see my self-esteem and self-worth issues from a different angle and helped me to explore some of the reasons why I have these issues. Her demeanor was always professional, and I never felt judged. Her diversity in training as well as spiritual background really made her an excellent fit for me. I highly recommend Karin as a therapist.”

“Karin is helping me to change my life in a meaningful and lasting way. She has given me tools and ensured that I know how to use them. With Karin there is action, not just talking. I feel as though I’m working through my issues instead of just rehashing them.”

Karin Matthews Therapist and Couples Counselor in Seattle

Karin Matthews

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